What Can I Use As A Rolling Tray?

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MacGyver Moments: Rolling Up with Unexpected Rolling Trays

Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re caught in a “clutch” situation – the urge to roll a joint strikes, but your trusty tray is missing in action. Fear not, fellow rollers, for ingenuity often lies within the depths of our kitchens and living rooms. This blog post is your ode to the resourceful stoner, a guide to unconventional rolling surfaces that will get you blazing in no time.

Household Heroes:

  • The Humble Plate: A classic substitute. Choose a sturdy one with raised edges to contain rogue herbs. Bonus points for decorative patterns!

  • Serving Tray Redemption: Dust off that forgotten silver platter or that old pizza tin. Metal is easy to clean and provides ample space for your rolling masterpiece.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Your vanity’s secret weapon. The smooth surface is perfect for rolling, and the reflection lets you admire your handiwork.

  • The Frisbee Advantage: Remember those summer days? Turns out, the underside of a frisbee makes a surprisingly good rolling tray with its raised edges and smooth surface.

Beyond the Basics:

❂ Book It!: Magazines, hardcover books, even a vinyl record sleeve – any flat, sturdy surface can be your canvas. Just make sure it’s something you don’t mind getting a little herbal love on.

❂ Cookie Tin Chic: Upcycle that old cookie tin! Decorate it with paint, stickers, or even decoupage for a personalized touch.

❂ The Cutting Board Comeback: Wood chopping boards offer a natural, rustic vibe and a grippy surface for rolling. Just be sure to sanitize it thoroughly before and after use.

DIY Delights:

✤ Cardboard Craftsman: Cut and fold a piece of cardboard into your desired tray shape. Line it with foil for easy cleanup and added sturdiness.

✤ The Plastic Canvas Wonder: Whip up a quick tray with plastic canvas yarn and a crochet hook. Customize it with colors and patterns for a truly unique piece.


✱ Cleanliness is next to godliness: No matter what you use, make sure it’s clean and free of debris. A dirty tray is a breeding ground for bacteria.

✱ Material matters: Avoid using surfaces that could leach harmful chemicals or leave residue on your herb. Stick to food-safe materials for peace of mind.

✱ Embrace the creativity: Rolling with unconventional trays can be half the fun. Get creative, have a laugh, and let your inner MacGyver shine!

So, the next time you’re caught without a tray, don’t despair! Open your eyes to the possibilities lurking around your home. With a little resourcefulness and this handy guide, you’ll be rolling up like a pro in no time. Remember, the key is to have fun, be safe, and enjoy the journey!

Now, go forth and roll with confidence, fellow stoners!

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Hey guys, Joseph Wilson here, your 27-year-old tray enthusiast and resident rolling renegade. I'm here to dive deep into the world of rolling trays...

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