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Forget generic store-bought trays! Rolling your own smoke can be a personalized experience, and so should your tools. Building your own rolling tray is a fun and creative way to express your style while adding functionality to your smoking routine. In this blog, we’ll explore various DIY rolling tray methods, catering to different skill levels and material preferences.


Roll Your Own Way: Crafting a Custom Rolling Tray

Level 1: Upcycled Elegance

Transform everyday items into unique trays with minimal effort. Here are some ideas:

✤ Wooden Serving Platter: A wooden platter offers a natural aesthetic and ample space. Sand down any rough edges, apply a coat of sealant for durability, and get rolling!

✤ Vintage Suitcase Liner: Repurpose a vintage suitcase liner for a touch of nostalgia. Choose a sturdy liner, clean it thoroughly, and add decorative elements like vintage maps or magazine clippings.

✤ Metal Cookie Sheet: Baking sheets are surprisingly sturdy and provide a smooth rolling surface. Spray paint them in your favorite color or add decals for a personalized touch.

Level 2: Craft Corner Creations

Get crafty with readily available materials for a more customized experience:

✤ Cardboard Canvas: Layer and glue thick cardboard pieces to create a sturdy base. Cover it with decorative paper, fabric, or paint for a unique look. Seal with a clear coat for easy cleaning.

✤ Leather Legacy: Cut and shape a piece of leather into your desired tray shape. Punch holes for rivets or use leather glue to secure the edges. This option offers a sleek and sophisticated look.

✤ Concrete Composition: For a modern and durable option, try using concrete casting mix. Pour the mix into a mold or shape it yourself, adding stones, glass pieces, or dried flowers for a decorative touch. Let it dry completely before sanding and sealing.

Level 3: Resin Renaissance

For the adventurous crafter, resin art offers endless possibilities:

✤ Resin Rivers: Create stunning resin “rivers” flowing through your tray using different colored resin mixes. Embed dried flowers, leaves, or glitter for added depth.

✤ Ocean Dreams: Mimic the ocean depths with layers of blue and turquoise resin, incorporating sand, shells, or tiny sea creatures for a nautical vibe.

✤ Cosmic Canvas: Capture the night sky with swirling shades of purple, black, and silver resin. Add tiny glow-in-the-dark stars for an extra-cosmic touch.

Pro Tips for All Levels:

  • Consider Functionality: Add raised edges to prevent spills, incorporate grinder compartments, or create dipping wells for ash.
  • Sealing is Key: Protect your artwork and ensure easy cleaning with a clear sealant like epoxy resin or polyurethane
  • Embrace Imperfections: Handmade creations often have unique quirks that add character. Don’t strive for factory-made perfection; let your personality shine through!

Remember, crafting your own rolling tray is a journey, not a destination. Experiment, have fun, and express your creativity. With a little effort, you can roll up in style with a one-of-a-kind tray that reflects your individuality.

Happy rolling and crafting!

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